At R3VOLVELIFE Studio, we promise our members the benefit of personalized fitness training thanks to our class-size guarantee. We use an online booking tool to help us keep track of your fitness progress to keep you accountable. But this tool also helps us ensure we can keep our service standard and maintain boutique-sized classes that allow coaches to provide individual attention during the class.

*For mobile users, view calendar in landscape mode, or click a time for more details.

Here’s how it works:

  • BOOK your classes by clicking on the “SCHEDULE” tab, and logging into the RhinoFit calendar
  • You can CANCEL your reservation up to 30 minutes before a scheduled class start-time
  • If you MISS a class and do not cancel your reservation, you will be given a warning up to three times
  • You will be CHARGED A $25 CLASS FEE for every other reserved class you miss after your warnings have expired
  • NOTE: Cancelling your reservation frees up a spot in the class for members who may be on a wait-list for that time slot. It’s a courtesy that helps our community thrive. 

We take our service standards seriously. So remember, if you cannot make a class, please cancel your reservation at least 30 minutes before it starts!

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