Exercise to Lose Weight Fast with Nutrition 101 and Mindset Motivation


Hey there!

We have been sharing The Secret to S.M.A.R.T Goals: How to Crush your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight!

We covered how to set Specific goals and we went over how to create Measurable goals. 

Today is A for Attainable.

How to set goals that are attainable.  

And what we mean by attainable is when we have those New Year’s Resolution Goals, are they attainable?

Are you setting yourself up for success?

Because the tendency is, January 1st rolls around we make the New Year’s Resolution, “THIS IS THE YEAR…I’m going to lose 20 pounds…I’m going to get fit!”

We then jump the gun, we join a gym, we start working out “gung ho” and there’s a few things that tend to happen…

 ...you go nuts with the workouts with no real direction or program
you feel sore and because you feel sore, you think you must be doing something wrong!

Next thing you know you skip the gym one day, and it...

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