Uncategorized May 04, 2020

“Just don’t eat sugar-filled foods!” “Make sure you go to the gym a few times a week!” “Meal prep!”  

It’s an old refrain you hear often, maybe from friends or family, people who care about you but just don’t get it. After being aboard the weight-gain-and-loss rollercoaster for some time, it can be difficult to settle into your new body and sort out how to develop healthy habits that will help to carve out a sustainable path to enduring good health. The quips and remarks may all be true (yes, if I meal prep, I will be setting myself up for success...okay, okay, I GET IT!!) But why is it so darn difficult?

Coach Crystal has guided dozens of members at R3VOLVELIFE Studio on their transformations. In January 2020, one member announced she was just two pounds shy of her 30-pound weight loss goal, achieved in FOUR months. (ROCKSTAR...you know who you are!) It doesn’t take years to transform. In fact, the deepest transformations can happen overnight, by asking yourself just one question: Why?

At R3VOLVELIFE Studio, our R3ACT Method program members ask themselves this through a guided exercise as part of weekly mindset coaching, a unique service and secret recipe to a successful transformation. The “10-deep why” exercise encourages members to confront their deepest selves and the forces holding them back, by discovering what the motivating force is behind their journey: the WHY. 

There’s a lot more to it, but mindset coaching is one of the pillars that holds up R3VOLVELIFE Studio’s incredible R3ACT Method program, and has helped our clients let go of the obstacles in the way of their journey. 

Are you ready to discover your why? Contact us to learn more about our programs, services, and classes. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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