Weight Loss Motivation to Help set Realistic Goals

Hey guys!

We have been talking about the SECRET to S.M.A.R.T Goals and how successfully achieve and CRUSH your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, get fit and get healthy!

And we’ve shared the acronym S.M.A.R.T, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and today we’re going to cover how to set Realistic Goals.

So the tendency is, January 1st rolls around and the number one new year’s resolution is to lose weight.

I know there are good intentions…you know…

...first week of January you join a gym…

….you try a hard core diet…

…you workout diligently for 2 weeks

and then you hop on the scale and the weight you have lost is not what you had hoped for and you GIVE UP!

This is what we mean by “REALISTIC”. 

And ultimately it boils down to your will power.

It’s tough, we know you have good intentions but if you’re not following a specific program tailored to your needs, if you don’t have any guidance with your nutrition, and if you don’t have anyone keeping you accountable, this is where failure comes to play.  

Because no one is keeping you accountable, the slightest excuse such as, “I’m tired!’ or “I had a long day!” can easily make you slip up.  

So that’s where with our 6 Week Challenge participants we teach  believe in accountability to help you set realistic goals. 

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You ready to make 2017 your fittest year every?

Let’s go!


Coach Nelson & Coach Crystal

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