Set Timely Goals for the Best Weight Loss Transformation

weight lose Jan 13, 2017

 Hey there!

So we have been sharing the Secret to S.M.A.R.T Goals: How to crush your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.





And today, we’re going to cover how to set “TIMELY” goals.

Your goal should be realistic and you should set a specific timeframe because if it’s too wishy washy, you’re never really going to get there.  

So, like any other goal whether it’s finishing school or aiming for a raise, you should set a Timely goal.

Specifically, with our 6 Week Transformation Challenge we help you set timely goals using 5 tools.

#1.)  Before/After pictures, Girth & Body Fat Measurements

This is our starting point.  If you don’t know where you are beginning how can you know what you’ve accomplished at the end?  By looking at Before shots and knowing our body fat percentage and where our member wants to lose inches, we can set timely goals. 


#2.)  10 Deep Why

We help our member set their “why” at the very beginning.  The “why” is the number one tool used, when excuses creep in throughout the challenge.  We also determine how our member will feel (ex. more energy, increase confidence) after they have completed the 6 week challenge.  This tool helps us set timely goals.


#3.)  Fit Test

By completing a fit test at the beginning of the challenge and knowing the amount of reps/time you completed, it gives our members a timely goal to beat their initial fit test numbers. 


#4.)  Goal Outfit

We encourage our members to choose a goal outfit.  One outfit that may be 1 - 2 sizes too small.  Not only does this help with motivation, but it makes their “timely” goals tangible.


#5.)  Inches lost v.s pounds lost

We place more attention and celebrate the inches lost rather than pounds dropped. 


Because no one can see the numbers on the scale, rather friends/family can see the inches lost on our member and how much more confidence they have. 

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