Part 2: Setting Smart Goals

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020

Welcome back! Last time, we shared The Secret to S.M.A.R.T Goals, and focused on the importance of setting specific and measurable goals. Now, we'll reflect on the final three attributes of a success-bound goal: that is, it being attainable, realistic and timely. 

Let's dive into a scenario. 

At the beginning of your journey towards achieving a goal you set for yourself, you may be feeling a burst of positive energy and motivation to do everything it takes to make it. If we use the example of a fitness goal, a typical trajectory of an overzealous new exerciser often looks like this...

...You go wild with workouts, with no real direction or program (or stretching regimen!)
...You feel sore, and the discomfort of those aches and pains leads you to think you must be doing something wrong
...You skip your self-prescribed exercise one day, and that becomes two, then three days go by and the next thing you know, it's been a week. A few more of those, and you've lost sight of your goal

An external accountability framework is a big part of what can help you remain on the path to success, full steam ahead. At R3VOLVELIFE Studio, our coaching, resources, and community are all about accountability. You will learn about how to deal with the excuses that push you to fall off the wagon. Through the personal development that happens in our sessions, you will discover why you keep sabotaging yourself. 

If you are setting out to lose a lot of weight, it may seem realistic to you to shed 30 pounds in the short timeframe of a few months. In fact, it seems simple! But why hasn't it happened yet? 

Ultimately, it boils down to your program and the system you are following. 

You may have all the best intentions. But, if you’re not following a specific program tailored to your needs, and if you don’t have any guidance with your nutrition, and if you don’t have anyone keeping you accountable... you are more likely to remain in the same position that has kept you stuck in place for years. 

Goal setting is part science, part art. The art of it is using your creativity and imagination to dream up your future, and the science is all in how you get there. 

Here is a taste of how we help you achieve your goals through the Little Black Dress Challenge, which begins this month. There is a lot more to it in the secret sauce! Sign up with Coach Crystal to find out just how we help you set your S.M.A.R.T. goals and achieve them with hard work, effort, and a community of coaches and peers cheering you on!  

1)  Before and after pictures, and measurements 

This is our starting point. By looking at before shots and knowing the weight loss and inch profile we are working with, we can set timely goals. 

2) 10-Deep Why

We help our members set their “why” at the very beginning, a tool we use when excuses creep in throughout the challenge.  

3) Fit Test

Don't won't have to study for this test. It's you-versus-you. The results from the initial fit test give you a benchmark and a realist goal opportunity for the end of the challenge, such as adding 10 seconds to your plank time, or an extra few reps on your sit-ups.

4)  Goal Outfit...the Little Black Dress

We encourage our members to choose a goal outfit, as not only does this help with motivation, but it makes the timely goal, tangible (another T!).


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