Ode to The Little Black Dress

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

It’s in there, you remind yourself while scrambling to find something to wear to the latest party. Your little black dress, the classic number that made celebrity appearances ages ago at weddings, work events, cocktail parties, and nights out on the town. It was the staple wardrobe item that fit like a glove; the trusty black dress that could be pulled out of the depths of your closet at a moment's notice, always reliable, a hit with your girlfriends, and guaranteed to make you feel confident and beautiful.

But, though you’re reluctant to admit why, it’s been ages since you have worn it. The dress has been exiled to the “doesn’t fit anymore” pile, a mass of treasured items that once gave you the courage to step out and want to be seen. Now, as you’re scrambling for something to wear, it’s a stark reminder of the deeper changes that have lead to this moment. Whether it’s weight-gain that came as a result of stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, health conditions, or just plain old life, at R3VOLVELIFE Studio, our members have all been there at some point.

When rifling through those baggy clothes, the ones you wear to hide away, it’s easy to feel resigned. But that little black dress is more than just an old garment; it’s an ode to what it felt like to be free of the inhibitions that came with weight gain or with a decline in your healthy and active lifestyle.

You take a deep breath, dig into that relegated pile of clothes, and pull out your dress. You hang it up in full view. It’s your new goal. It’s your reminder that you are possible.

At R3VOLVELIFE Studio, dozens of women who have taken up our challenge have achieved incredible weight loss results. Our Little Black Dress (LBD) Challenge takes this symbolic clothing item and helps our members reignite their journey to a healthy lifestyle. In 8 weeks, our coaches will guide you and help you develop the tools you need to get one step closer to your LBD. If you have any “gym anxiety” or trouble overcoming mental hurdles, this program offers a safe space for women to kickstart this journey, in style. 

Given the COVID-19 quarantine requirements, R3VOLVELIFE Studio is replacing our LBD Challenge with other exciting offerings that are catered specifically to at-home progress via our digital platforms. Visit our website to learn more.

Results you can see, feel, and celebrate. Want to learn more? Contact us to book your goal setting session and tell us about your goals and journey. We’re here to help.

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