Flatten Your Belly, Whittle Your Waist & Strengthen Your Core With Pilates Fusion

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2017

Best Routine to Whittle Your Waist

How does Pilates Fusion help to Flatten Your Belly, Whittle Your Waist & Strengthen Your Core?

Pilates Fusion is the foundational class among all the classes offered at R3.  

It is like the "ballet" of dance. 

Ballet for dancers IS the foundation of dance.  Meaning, building on ballet technique enables dancers to dance every other style with better form.

Why is Pilates Fusion the "ballet" of fitness?

Because the primary focus of Pilates Fusion is to build and strengthen your "power house", commonly known as your "core", the result is a flatter belly and a whittled waist. 

Check Out 5 other Awesome Benefits of Pilates Fusion:

  1. IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY: When you practice Pilates Fusion regularly, you will increase your flexibility, develop your range of motion and will improve your performance in the other classes.
  2. INCREASES MUSCLE STRENGTH & TONE:  Your abs, back, hips and glutes remain contracted throughout the class.  Because you are constantly holding the tension in your "core", you will build strength and endurance.
  3. IMPROVES BREATHING & INCREASES AWARENESS:  During a Pilates Fusion class you will pay close attention to your breathing technique and patterns.  Learning how to breathe properly will also help your technique when you lift weights or are completing cardio in other workouts. 
  4. IMPROVES POSTURE:  Pilates Fusion exercises develop better posture and prevent "hunched backs," from developing, especially if you are (or have) working in front of a computer all day.
  5. MOBILIZES JOINTS: By elongating and strengthening your muscles, you will improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

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