Dear Journal...

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

If you’re anything like most of our newcomers at R3VOLVELIFE Studio, it has probably been a while since you’ve addressed a letter “Dear journal…”

But that is usually quick to change once you come to our doors. 

This week, we’re going to look at another one of the three pillars of our studio’s  R3ACT Method and touch on how we R3NEW your mind with Bulletproof Mindshift Coaching.

Our philosophy is that working on mindset is a vital part of the recipe that leads to enduring health, and of course, weight loss. Coach Crystal, an Adler-trained mindset coach, “It all starts with your mindset,” says Coach Crystal. “What I am most concerned with is the transformation in your mindset, from the “impossible” to “I’m possible.” 

Part of this process involves eliminating our ANTS, or automatic negative thoughts. Building an awareness of them is a foundational step. Through weekly group coaching calls, R3VOLVELIFE members learn to embrace different strategies and techniques to cope with the things that are holding them back from achieving their weight loss goals. Being vulnerable with others can only be achieved if you have had that some time to do that with yourself. 

A journal and pen can go a long way to elevating your self-reflection time to something you can see, and feel inside. With the guidance of Coach Crystal and the support of the R3 Community, you will fill your toolbox with tactics to help fight against the forces holding you back from your full weight-loss potential. 

Give it a try. Dedicate five minutes each night before bed to journaling about three things that you did in the day that made you proud. Call if your “Three Daily Wins.” It’s an ingrained practise among R3 members, and will give you a small taste of what more journaling has to offer.

Are you ready to open your mind and move those pesky ANTS out of your way? Click on the “GET STARTED NOW” button to book your goal setting session and tell us about your goals and journey. We’re here to help.

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