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NEED TO LOSE FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, AND GET MORE ENERGY? We're looking for 15 people who would love to transform their body and health! If your application is successful, you will be invited in for a free fitness & lifestyle assesssment.

R3VOLVELIFE Coaching & Weight Loss Studio:  Bulletproof Weight Loss Formula
Discover R3VOLVELIFE Coaching & Weight Loss Studio That Guarantees A Positive Life-Changing Experience. 

R3VOLVELIFE Coaching & Weight Loss Studio, is the number one Fat loss and Coaching program designed to lay a foundation to build a new, healthier lifestyle.  Weight loss and new body images are only a few benefits you will experience. 

You will uncover a new-found energy and enthusiasm for life to allow you to reach the goals you have long given up or thought unattainable.  We are confident that once you graduate from our Weight Loss Program you will feel happier and healthier, and have the knowledge to continue on your path of healthy living.


We offer a Weight Loss Program that is results driven and includes mindset coaching, a nutrition program, functional and dynamic resistance training, at home workouts; all designed to transform your mind and body in a safe, non-intimidating, friendly and fun environment. 

Our certified coaches, nutrition coaches and ambassadors provide supportive classes, courses and coaching to help you attain your personal fitness goals.  Personalization and accountability is what sets our weight loss program apart, which is why our workout and nutrition programs are modified to fit your individual fitness level and goals.  

You will get the “one-on-one personal training” attention in a small group setting which makes them fun and challenging AND most importantly makes our program more affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions provided by a “big box gym”. 


"The challenge allowed me to be flexible with my busy schedule. The workouts with weights gave me a more toned body and has made me feel stronger... And I need that! I recommend this program for anyone who wants to get healthy or reach ANY fitness goal!" -Tonia

"The goal was to lose weight, inches, and fat, and that's exactly what everyone did. Anyone that follows through with the program will see great results and feel much better mentally and physically." - Jamie


"Throughout my teenage years, I felt very uncomfortable wearing shorts.  After losing 12 inches around my waist, hips and thighs, I LOVE wearing shorts and dresses!  I even participated as a model for an evening gown show."  - Amanda

"I joined the challenge to become healthier, more fit, and to feel better about myself. Ultimately, to achieve the goal of my pre-baby weight and fitness level. You are guaranteed results and your body will thank you for it." - Nicole


If you don't live near us, we've got your back! Join us online! We've had great success from graduates living in Calgary, Jamaica, Europe and the U.S!